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Planning A Shrimp Tank

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    Hi everyone, newbie to the forum but have been keeping fancy goldfish for a few months.

    Originally I started with two fancy goldies in a 30L BiOrb but one died so we quickly moved up to a 200L AquaEl. I hate to see the BiOrb go to waste or, even worse, sell it on so other goldies can be tortured so I’m planning on making it into a shrimp tank. My initial thoughts are for crystal red shrimp.

    My plan so far is this…
    Remove sponge casing and tube from centre of the bowl and seal the air inlet at the bottom with aquarium sealant.
    Attach brackets for fluval mini filter and heater to side of bowl using aquarium sealant.
    Fill the base with a layer of gravel followed by a layer of sand.
    Add plants and small piece of pre-soaked bogwood.
    Add mature filter media from large tank to kick start a fishless cycle using flake food.
    Once readings are 0 for ammonia and nitrite get some shrimp!

    My questions are…
    given the shape of the BiOrb and the known problems with surface area:volume ratio would I be better off not sealing the bottom but using it for an air stone, or will shrimp be OK without this?
    What would be the best placement for the heater and filter?
    I really want to have live plants in there, any suggestions?
    How many shrimp should I start off with?

    FYI my local water is very hard, pH 8 ish after 24 hours standing and fairly high in nitrates to start with.

    Cheers everyone! I look forward to hearing your comments. x



    I have never owned a Biorb, but hopefully if any forum members have they’ll add their advice. First of all I’d probably keep the air stone as it will be beneficial, so I see no reason to remove it.

    Don’t silicone the heater directly to the tank. I really don’t know how to attach one to such a shaped tank to be honest. But you could keep cherry shrimp which don’t require a heater or maybe look at purchasing a tiny 25 watt nano heater as this will be easier to hide.

    Add a piece of bogwood with java moss attached so the shrimp have somewhere to graze on. Plant species will vary depending on if you choose to go with a heater or not. You should be able to keep species such as java moss, java fern, Elodea densa, Cabomba caraliniana etc with relative ease. Moss balls will also be OK and will be appreciated by your shrimps.

    I believe Keith565 is a shrimp expert so he maybe able to help you more than I can.



    Poshsouthernbird tells me that you can buy a special bracket for the biorb to clip a heater in place. Hope that helps.

    Aare you wanting crysal red shrimp or would you consider another species?



    don’t think i can add much more. 6 or 8 shrimps would suit. remember, they will breed
    has the biorb got an undergravel filter, if so i would remove it and pop in a small sponge filter, (baby shrimp may get sucked into a small power filter), then use a fine silver sand or play sand as a substrate, you can use gravel, but it becomes difficult to keep clean as you really can’t use a gravel cleaner with shrimp (especially small ones), if u use gravel and sand, in a few weeks the sand will sink and the gravel will be all u see.
    depending on light, go for java moss/christmas moss, java fern, elodea, and perhaps a few crypts for the lower areas.
    shrimp love to rummage, so a few bits of bogwood, plenty of mossy surfaces and they will do fine.
    hope this helps



    Firstly thanks for your replies.

    Jarcave – I haven’t got my heart set on any particular type of shrimp so long as I can keep them happily in our water.

    keith565 – The BiOrb had a filter cartridge at the bottom surrounded by alfagrog, all of which I have removed. It is currently just a big plastic bowl with an airline through the bottom. Sorry to ask a stupid question but is a sponge filter different from something like a fluval mini? I have never heard of such a thing! My plan was to put a pop sock over the filter so no little shrimp could get sucked in. Thanks for all your other tips, I’ll head down to the local fish guy with a list.

    Ali. x



    a sponge filter is simply a sponge fitted to an uplift with holes in it so water is sucked trough the sponge and traps the debris. great for smaller tanks. ideal for shrimps, but you do need an airpump.


    Phill Austen

    I had the impression that biorbs were only effective with the air line and central lift pipe in place as the constant current of water delivered to the surface from the base of the water column was the only way to ensure adequate oxygen levels.



    shrimps love bushy stuff to hide in – moss, elodea, hygrophilia, java ferns (can get a bit big and unwieldy), anubias.

    They seem to like a bit of bog wood, but stones don’t appear to bother them at all.

    If you cant get a clip for the heater I would get a little 25W heater and hide it behind some bog wood.

    some inspiration for you (these are smaller tanks than the bi-orb):


    paco mora

    Hello my English is not good, so I will clarify a bit, anubias and Deven criptocorines not put in aquariums, as both contain oxalina sap, a lethal toxic for glass, heteropodas support it better but is best avoided



    Interesting, never heard about that before…

    ‘Glass’ significa que especie Paco?

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