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    I almost feel I should apologise for posting pics of goldfish! And apologise for being terribly girly and referring to them by their names and going on about them a lot! I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but here goes …

    OH had one when we were students, after several years of this fish living alone (and me not being remotely interested in him until OH went to work abroad for several months leaving me and Fishie to ‘bond’) I thought it would be nice for him to have some friends … the rest is history! Fishie died a couple of years ago aged 17, the scaly community has seen several come and go since then but currently there are 11.

    I’ve just set up two new tanks for them so before they make a mess here are some pics. Tanks are Rena Aqualife 600 (200cm long x 50cm back to front x 60cm actual water depth), Rena XP4 filters, Vecton UV sterilisers, Rena smartheaters, 60cm of airstone plus bubble disc in each with Eheim 400 airpumps (can highly reccommend these), two 5′ fluorescent tubes in each, 2-3mm pea gravel mixed with quartz gravel and several zillion Malaysian trumpet snails. Tanks have been suitably goldie-proofed – air stones are siliconed in place, airlines are stashed behind corner screens also siliconed in place, airlines have plant weights wrapped around them under the gravel to stop them being pulled up. Have replaced the traditional glass heaters with smartheaters to prevent either me or the fish damaging them (my track record is worse than theirs). The wood is siliconed to slate floor tiles and a large rock to stop the fish knocking it over. Plants are mostly elodea (thank you Jared

    Home to:
    Howie – male common, 11 years old, 10-11 inches long, weighs nearly 1lb. Was a fairground prize won by a friend of a friend; he seriously outgrew his old home so came to live with us when no pond could be found for him, have had him for nearly 2 years now. He’s very nosey, very lazy and very gentlemanly with the girls. I should mention that this is old elodea, new elodea is far superior

    Rocket – female fantail, about 3 years old. Mum to Albie and Francis. Adopted with her babies and her friend Ren from a student who had a lovely tank but was finding it hard to move between student houses with them. The bit of wood behind her is over 12 inches long for scale purposes.

    Ren – female veiltail/ryukin, about 3 years old. She’s Howie’s best friend. You can judge her size compared to him, she weighs over 1/2lb. Pic is from a year or so back, he’s put on weight since then, she’s lost some of her black pigment.

    A more recent pic of them

    Dilys – female fantail, about 5 years old. She’s much much smaller than the others and has lost a lot of her buoyancy but has adapted brilliantly and is otherwise bombproof. Adopted about 3 years ago along with the one in my avatar from someone with a very small tank (not quite sure why this pic is so small but nevermind!)

    Dave – female (no, seriously, he is) fantail, about 3 years old. This is a slightly old pic, he’s grown since then. Dave is one I bought for myself, he was just too full of life to leave in the lfs!

    Number 2

    Home to:
    Pixie (star of my avatar!) – male wakin/fantail comet, about 5 years old, adopted with Dilys, he’s about 11-12 inches long nose to tip of tail.

    Albie – male fantail, hatched June 2009

    Francis – male fantail, hatched June 2009. Frankie has curled gill plates and looks like someone has taken a bite out of his spine! Possibly due to his curled gill plates – when his breeding spots come up they are mostly just above his eyes so he looks like Alistair Darling!

    Quantum – male ranchu, about 18 months old, the only other one of the current collective I bought for myself. I had to euthanise my beloved white ranchu when he developed serious neurological problems and ended up like a stroke victim, not knowing which way was up. I saw Quantum in the local garden centre, he was a tiny baby no bigger than the end of my finger but obviously good quality and after a lot of problems with several of the ones I’d rehomed I wanted a healthy one! He would fill the palm of my hand and then some now.

    There are two more, a 10 year old orange moor and a 5 year old calico veiltail, adopted from lovely people but a horrible tank, they have huge stunting and health issues. These two are my special needs boys; both have lost buoyancy and are a labour of love to care for now. They have their own tank, a Juwel 125 set up to cater for their needs. Their will to live is phenomenal and although they are quite tragic euthanasia isn’t right for them at the moment. But
    they don’t make public appearances anymore /wink.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”;)” border=”0″ alt=”wink.gif” />

    Cheers, S

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    Graham Ramsay

    An eye-catching display of healthy fish. Thanks for sharing.



    nice to see Carassius in good, decent tanks – well done Poshbird!!!!


    andy rushworth

    No need to apologise , those fish look fantastic



    Definitely, great to see someone actually keeping goldfish in a suitably-sized tank!



    lovely tanks and very nice fishes
    i know in koi world that if you feed garden peas it helps with swim bladder issues if this is any help for your buoyancy problems




    Great set up, I’d agree with Matts sentiments, good too see someone actually keeping goldies in a suitably sized tank!


    Senor Bastardo

    Great too see someone taking good care of these freaks of nature (humanity)



    Thanks a lot for the kind words /smile.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:)” border=”0″ alt=”smile.gif” />

    You’re right about the peas Martin, they love them! Great for ‘unblocking’ them and can often help sort out any dietary related buoyancy problems (this is another of my bugbears – far too many people reach for the ‘swimbladder’ medication when often all that is needed is attention to diet). Sadly mine are beyond this – inbreeding, life with previous owners and age have caught up with them.

    Thanks again for the nice comments,
    Cheers, S

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