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    I have been an aquarist for 5-6 years now. I have had many different Tanganyikan species. Right now I have a 60g and a 29g. The 60g has:
    1 male Cyprichromis leptosoma
    1 female geophagus (unknown what sub-species just found out they were SA cichlid)
    1 Sydontis petricola
    1 dwarf pleco
    1 Neolamprologus caudopunctatus
    1 Altolamprologus calvus
    1 Tropheus moorii-Kaiser
    1 female Julidochromis marlieri
    1 male clown loach
    1 Botia striata

    The 29g has:
    1 male Neolamprologus caudopunctatus
    1 Tropheus Moorii-Bemba
    1 male geophagus
    1 female clown loach
    1 female Julidochromis marlieri (one of the males and the female are a breeding pair)
    2 male Julidochromis marlieri
    5-6 Julidochromis marlieri fry

    I am considering doing some “mixing things up” which may entail trading some in in order to make space. I went to a pet store yesterday and bought a pundamilia nyererei, not knowing what it was but loving the coloration in it(obviously a male). It is isolated in a breeder net for now until I decide what to do.

    My question is: If I keep the nyererii does it fit in with what I have? Do I need to consider turning the 29g into its home and stocking it with similar tank mates? Any suggestion are welcome. I don’t want unnecessary death to occur because of my poor planning.



    Personally I’d move everything from the 29 to the 60, except the Geophagus. I’d move the geo from the 60 to the 29, if they are the same species and set up the tank just for them and maybe a couple of bristle nose cats. The P. nyererei is a victorian hap and will be fine with the Tanganykians. The only problem I see is with the tropheus, usually it’s either 1 or 10+ to a tank.



    Thank you Rev. You don’t think a male P. nyererei will be too aggressive in the 60g w/ the tangs? I’d like to keep all 3 of the tropheus in the 60g, but I’m concerned that aggression will cause the other species to isolate themselves in the tank.

    I like the idea of the geos in the 29g. Yes, they are both the same species. Need to do a little more research about them. I was thinking about trading off the mating pair of julies, along with the others and only keeping a few of the fry. The botai is cool but it can go or move to the 29g. I have had the caudopunks for a few years and gotten quite a few clutches out of them, but I’m thinking of trading them. Considering where to thin so I could perhaps get additional fish of some of the other species.

    I’m keeping the Cyp, the sydontis, pleco, calvus, and loach from the 60g. The rest are on the bubble. I’d like to keep all of the tropheus if I could see how the rest of the tank will respond. Let me know what your thoughts are on what I have said so far.


    You’re ideas sound good. I wouldn’t worry about aggression from the Hap, most tend to ignore anything that’s not closely related.

    The tropheus are similar in temperament to most mbuna, yet tend to take it out more on each other than other species. I was once able to keep four together in a 50 gal tall, it was stacked bottom to top with rocks and there was about 18 other fish in with them. They only ever went after each other, their fins were always a bit ragged but no real damage done.

    I hope this helps.




    Thx again Rev. I’ve got two together in the 60g right now. One is about 3-4 inches long while the other is about 2. It was so funny the other day the larger one was actually sideways peeking around a rock formation trying to catch the smaller one napping so it could pounce. I plan on doing a major overhaul to the tank decor and I had in mind something like what you’re describing. Right now I have one medium & one large rock pile separated by a bi-level sandy plane. Looking for some mopani wood to centerpiece. Not sure what to do with the proposed 29g decor. Given the above description what would be the ideal set-up for the pundmilia and the geos?


    Both species will enjoy a tank setup with fine sand, some smooth river rocks, maybe some driftwood. If you want a simpler setup, sand and terra cota flower pots will work just as well. Do you know what species of Geo you have?



    Being that this is my first experience with the geos from what I can gather they look like geophagus pindare. It looks like they develop into distinctly different species so as they grow out perhaps they will exhibit more color to help change that. Right now they are 1 1/2 inches long, a light green with vertical black bands that darken or fade according to mood. The store that I bought them from doesn’t get much of a variety of Africans or SAs, just the most popular that turnaround quickly. He said he got these as something different. I got a firecracker tropheus that looks like he is going to be beautiful when he gets his color.

    I was leaning on going sand and a few large rocks for the pundmilia. I have an undergravel filter that I would have to take out. I’ve got some red Cryptocoryne wenndti that seems to do well despite the fish. I think they prefer to graze on the elodea. Changing to Vics will allow me to lower the ph to accomodate the geos since it says they prefer a lower range, but I still intend to keep it up to Vic environment. Perhaps look into getting a couple more compatible Vics. I like the different shape and variety that Tangs offer but Vics are by far the most colorful and beautiful in my opinion.


    Sounds like a plan. If you do get more Victorian’s make sure they are all males. They will hybridize quite readily and since most of them are endangered and some extinct in the wild, that should be discouraged.
    Good luck and keep us updated with some photos of how things look.



    Will do. Got my mopani wood over the weekend and spoke with the owner of the local aquatic store about taking the julies and the punks. So now I need to start figuring out my designs and preping the decor. I will post some pics once I get things set up. Thx for the input Rev.



    You’re welcome.
    Have a good holiday, Aaron.



    Looks like the pairing of the geos with the Pundmilia isn’t going to work. The Pundmilia is relentless towards the geos….and everything else for that matter. I put the 2 geos, Pundmilia, a female clown loach, and a gudgeon my daughter gave me in the 29g and the only thing it DOESN’T attack is the gudgeon. I put the geos in a breeder net to separate them before it killed them. They were visibly gasping from the chasing. The clown loach has a hiding spot that the Punmilia can’t get to but I don’t think it can survive long term. Now I need to find something that can survive with the Pundmilia to help clean up the tank. Hiding places are definitely not the solution though.

    WOW I was not expecting this level of aggressiveness. When it was in the 29g with the rest of the fish it hid from the tropheus and the female geo. Now he is the predator. Back to square one. I’m thinking about naming the Punmilia “Terminator” because he certainly won’t quit. Will post pics after I get some taken.



    Bit of a side issue given the current problems, but a 29G is too small for a clown loach. Given their eventual size they need a six foot tank and being social fish require to be kept in groups.


    Sorry to hear that. Sometimes you just dont know til you do something….

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