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Matu Daro Expedition 22.06.09 – 25.06.09

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    Haji Badaruddin

    Hope you dont mind,some old photos from my collection trip which i wanted to share here:

    This trip has been planned many months ago ….. It is a joint effort with the Fisheries Department Malaysia namely the Freshwater Fisheries Research Centre, Glami Lemi, Titi, Jelebu, Negri Sembilan. It is part of the inventory work that we planned to do for all parts of Sarawak & Sabah.

    Participants of the Expedition:

    Mohamad Zaini Suleiman – Senior Research Officer
    Norhanizan Saiden – Research Officer
    Siti Azamah Hj Mustapha – Assistant Research Officer
    Mohamad Firdaus Elias – Assistant Research Officer
    Mr. XXX – A major ADA aquascaping supplier and avid aquatic plants specialist (who do not want to be identified) /laugh.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:lol:” border=”0″ alt=”laugh.gif” />

    DAY 1

    Fetch the guys from the airport at 2:30pm and proceed to drive to Sri Aman. There were about six of us in the car.It was really crowded (plus the bags and gears!!!)On the way we stopped a few times for drinks, refueling, nature call and “cigaretting” (most of the passengers are non smokers) dry.gif .

    A sunset in Sri Aman.

    We stopped over in Sri Aman for dinner. The food was excellent …….. We ordered soup tulang (bone soup), mixed vegetable, midin belacan(fern) etc etc.

    This is fried rice … Sri Aman special ……. Yum yum super nice!!!This restaurant which is located in Kampong Hilir is highly recommended to any that wish to visit Sri Aman.
    We reached Sibu at around 10pm.We wanted to proceed directly to Daro but we were advised by many … not to. We were told that it is extremely dangerous to drive at night to Daro. The plantation roads leading to Daro are full of pot holes. And there is also the danger of being robbed. A quick check with my nephew in Matu confirmed this story.

    Check in to this 5 star hotel ROYAL INN


    Haji Badaruddin

    DAY 2

    We left Sibu at 6am …….. This is the infamous notorious plantation road leading to Mukah town.This area is known as Selangau.

    Along the road, you can see many oil palm plantations.

    An oil palm tanker zooming full speed …….

    Some older oil palm trees ……..

    The refinery.

    It took me about 3 hours to drive through the plantation road …… it was really unbearable ……. The pot holes were everywhere …… and driving six people with full gears and baggage do not help at all.

    This is the Mukah bridge …… you will know you’ve reached Mukah once you see this bridge.

    We stop over for a late breakfast cum lunch here. I had mee jawa(noodle) …….. The others enjoyed their “nasi campur” (rice with fishes,veg and chicken) …….. I didn’t …… Guess I choose the wrong order ha ha ha


    Haji Badaruddin

    Location 1

    In an oil palm plantation in Matu; pH5.85 ……. Plenty of shrimps, rasboras, nandus and catfish species
    Siti and me got stung by some bees here ……. The pain was excruciating …….. feels like someone placed a light up cigarette on my skin.

    Location 2

    Located in Daro ….. which is near to the sea ;pH is 6.2.We caught lots of akarensis after a short walk inside the jungle.

    Betta akarensis

    It’s the dry season here in Sarawak …….. underneath the leaf litters are pockets of water where the akarensis hide. This is how their habitat looks like.

    A juvenile akarensis.


    Haji Badaruddin

    DAY 3

    We have decided to leave for Sibu today ………. Zaini, Siti, Nor and Firdaus were to take the express boat from Daro to Sibu. It should take them about 2 hours to get to Sibu.

    Having breakfast in Daro ……. Daro is a small town located near the sea ….. Famous for its “Terubok” fish and “sesar unjur” – dry shrimps.

    On the way to Oya, Mukah, Selangau to Sibu ……. Me and Mr. XXX managed to take some pics. Here’s a lorry laden with logs.

    Oya town ……… looks more like cowboy town to me ha ha ha

    Half way in Selangau …… we got stuck with a problem. The road was completely filled with water.

    A few gung ho motorists decided to use the upper part of the incomplete road … and got stuck in the mud. We had to wait almost half a day before it was safe to pass through. Pity Zaini and his group waiting in Sibu for us. Looks like it going to be a looooong wait for him ha ha ha.

    While waiting for the water to recede, Mr XXX asked me to join him taking some pics of the flora near the place.

    Here‘s some collection of the flora in Selangau.

    Flower of a nephtenes sp.I took a few of the various pitcher plants home …….. a new hobby perhaps???

    This is not “cempedak”.The fruit …… it looks like a “cempedak”.This one is known as “mengkuang” ie screwpine.The plant is about 3 ft high and the fruit is about the size of my palm.

    Midin belacan anyone??? Ha ha ha

    We finally managed to drive through by late afternoon and met up with Zaini and his group in Sibu. We check in the same hotel.


    Haji Badaruddin

    DAY 4

    Location 1

    Somewhere on the road from Sibu to Kinowit; pH5.91 …….. Firdaus in action scooping among the tall grasses. We saw some bubble nest in between the grasses by the stream.

    Water sampling by Zaini and Siti.

    Caught a few of this Trichopodus trichopterus.

    Location 2

    Near to Durrin bridge Sibu. Plenty of elocharis sp. growing by the stream;pH 5.91

    Sundadanio axelrodi found in abundance here.

    Parosphromenus allani …… Other than this we caught plenty of nandus,loaches, pikefish from this area.


    Haji Badaruddin

    Location 3

    This is how you go scooping fish ha ha ha ……… Zaini in action and having fun.
    This is the best place to get the brownorum in Sibu ……. However most of the area is all dry up now due to the dry season. We got plenty of loach, nandus and crypts from this place.

    Some of the crypts that can be found here.

    I managed to net a few of this beautiful Puntius pentazona aka Barbus pentazona

    Betta sp ……. Looks more to ibanorum.

    Osteochilus spilurus aka “Bantak Batu”

    Rasbora pauciperforata aka Red Stripe Rasbora

    I have to process the few more loaches nandus glass catfish, catfish sp …… etc etc etc ……. I need to find the time to document the fishes that we have collected.

    More update later.


    Haji Badaruddin

    Here’s some more of the fishes/shrimps that i managed to photograph.

    Nandus nebulosus aka Leaf Fish

    Pangio shelfordii ??? Loach ……. covered in mulms and slime ha ha ha.

    A closeup of the Pangio shelfordii (with full makeup :rolf: ) …….

    Just checked tonight ….. that in a desperate rush to photograph the loaches …… i have moved all of them from the two tanks to another tank ……… All of them have died 😥 I suspect it could be pH shock …… the fishes however are doing well.

    An unidentified fish …….. Pikehead Luciocephalus pulcher ???

    A shrimp

    Another one with big pincer and glowing red in color

    Any help in IDing the shrimps and fishes is appreciated. whistle


    Haji Badaruddin

    S. phaiosoma

    S. phaiosoma


    Mark Duffill

    Wow a great expedition, lovely photos



    Great, great stuff Haji! I think you’re right with the Pangio and Luciocephalus ids. Any other loach species collected?



    Wonderful Haji!! I love expedition photos! Please keep them coming.


    Haji Badaruddin

    QUOTE (Mark Duffill @ Jan 12 2011, 09:05 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Wow a great expedition, lovely photos /smile.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:)” border=”0″ alt=”smile.gif” />

    QUOTE (Matt @ Jan 12 2011, 09:49 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Great, great stuff Haji! I think you’re right with the Pangio and Luciocephalus ids. Any other loach species collected?

    Thats basically about it Matt … I saw on another thread you looking for some P. tetrazona pics … so i thought that some of the photos here might help.

    QUOTE (plaamoo @ Jan 12 2011, 10:20 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Wonderful Haji!! I love expedition photos! Please keep them coming.

    Will do /smile.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:)” border=”0″ alt=”smile.gif” />



    Great Stuff!

    Weer the pics taken once you got back home?


    Haji Badaruddin

    QUOTE (Colin @ Jan 12 2011, 11:19 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Great Stuff!

    Weer the pics taken once you got back home?

    Yes Colin




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