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    Hi Im Nieve and I just got a 60x30x30cm tank, after looking at a few of the tank volume conversion websites I’m pretty sure my tank is 58L.

    Currently I have 7 cherry barbs which I introduced to the tank a couple of days ago after cycling (water was taken to a pet shop to be tested using API tester kit and all readings were fine) and a 25% water change.

    I’m planning to add some more fish;

    7 Axelrod’s rasbora

    2 Kuhli loaches

    1 Siamese Fighting fish


    I was wondering if this would be OK for my tank stocking level?

    Also how long should I wait until adding the next load of fish, and which species would be the best to add next?


    The heater is set to 26 Celsius and my filter is a Whisper TRIAD power filter 1000

    The cherry barbs seem to be adjusting, for the first half an hour of being introduced they formed a tight shoal and swam around exploring.. Last night and this morning their movement was limited to the bottom and middle of the tank, not schooling anymore just a couple males occasionally challenging each other and chasing the females. Now they seem to be extending their range towards the surface of the water but when they see movement outside the tank they still go darting around behind the bogwoods for a bit. I try to feed them only a little bit each time and make sure I stay close to the tank a short while after so that they will hopefully learn that a nearby human means food in this environment as well :)

    At the moment the tank is not moderately planted, only one long silk plant in the back. Will be getting a light unit for the tank lid tomorrow and some plants

    Thank you :D


    P.s. Got a pond water bag full of daphnia off an online auction site the other day, and it came with a number of other creatures like mosquito larva and initially a light green mystery insect larvae.. After a bit of googling found out that it was a Damselfly larvae, unlike mosquito larva it is actually quite cute and I think Ill let it pupate and let it go when it reaches adulthood..





    Can I ask how you cycled the tank before introducing the cherry barbs?  There’s a vast difference between allowing the water to stand for a few days, adding a “bacteria in a bottle”  product and carrying out a fishless cycle with ammonia.

    The first option will give a zero reading for ammonia and nitrIte but only because there is no source of ammonia until the fish are introduced.  Bacteria in a bottle products can be hit and miss.  This leaves the fishless cycle which is the best way to prepare a new aquarium before introducing fish.  SF has a good article here which explains what’s involved (I may be biased though!)

    If the aquarium has only been left to stand then the bacteria colonies that are needed to process the ammonia can’t get started until the fish are introduced.  The result is daily water changes to prevent the ammonia and nitrIte reaching levels which are harmful and eventually fatal to the fish. 

    If you’ve used a bottled product or completed a proper fishless cycle then you would be able to look at adding more fish after three or four weeks.  However before adding any more fish it’s important that you get your own test kits so that you can monitor the readings for ammonia and nitrite when the new additions arrive and ensure that you do any required water changes whilst waiting for the bacteria colonies to multiply to cope with the additional stocking (doesn’t take long).

    I appreciate there’s a fair bit to take in, particularly when you were only looking for some stocking advice, but from experience it’s always best to get confirmation that the tank is ready for more fish before commenting on the potential additions.



    Thank you :)

    I did a fishless cycle for a week using Nutrafin cycle, in hindsight i think most people on this forum would say that it was not done long enough but i got the water tested before adding the fish and all the readings were 0 and the staff at an aquarium store told me that it would be fine to add some fish..

    I added the fish on the 7th, and got some water testing done at a pet store around the 10th and the 14th. Both times the ammonia level showed 0.25 with both nitrite and nitrate 0. I also added some plants (dwarf hairgrass) around the 11th so that may have helped with keeping the nitrate down I assume?

    I was pretty interested with the fishless cycle using pure ammonia but I have no idea where to find such a product (I live in New Zealand) so I went with the next thing I found (the nutrafin cycle)

    I also have put a teabag of Indian almond leaves just before I introduced the fish to keep the water nice, Im hoping it helped..

    The cherry barbs seem to have now realised that there are no predators in this environment, and that big animal (me) moving around close to the tank means there will be food Laugh so they’re moving around much more in front of the tank these days

    They seem to be showing some spawning behaviour as well, the females dive into and wriggle around in the fake silk plant and the new dwarf hairgrass with males rubbing on their sides. I read somewhere that this is them laying eggs, and I think I saw some really tiny white dots floating around in the water (possibly eggs?)

    Although Im not really expecting to get baby barbs since they eat their own eggs and fry when opportunity arises but it is quite interesting nontheless Laugh


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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