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Weird Guppy Behaviour.

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    Hey everyone. I was wondering if you could help me on this one. I have a couple of guppies in my 110l tank. it should be fully cycled now as its been over 4 weeks since we bought it.

    I have 1 female guppy that is very latharjic (excuse the spelling if its wrong, i was never very good at it). It has been sitting at the bottom of the tank under a net that we have 2 baby mollies in, it nestles in the bottom of the plant. We have noticed that it has been chased around the tank a bit by a couple of silver tip tetras, Although it looks more like they are trying to mate with her rather than being aggressive.

    also another female guppy is swimming almost vertically. When ever she stops moving she just stands to attention. (salute and everything) /smile.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:)” border=”0″ alt=”smile.gif” />

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    Hi Ross,
    Did you wash the gravel before you put it in the tank????

    The lethergic guppy looks to me like she’s about to give birth and is possibly looking for somewhere safe to have her babies. Could possibly be the same problem with the other one also.
    Whats the ph reading of your tap water? If it’s higher than that in the tank i would just do water changes to raise it back up rather than using chemicals.

    Hope thats of some help.




    Hey, yeah i washed the gravel, emptied it into a bucket and rinsed it until the water was clean. As for the Tap water, the PH is around 6.4 i think but im going to retest it today. Is there a natural way to raise the PH before i add it to the tank?

    The last guppy in the pics dosent seem to look pregnant, she isnt as fat as the others and dosent really have the dark spot at the base of the tail. Also the biggest female we had was really fat and looked like she would pop, then suddenly she was slim again and the dark spot had lessened considerably. We thought she had given birth but couldnt find any sign of any babies.

    Thanks for the help.

    Ross and Ruth



    Ok im starting to get a little worried now…………..
    2 days ago we lost a small mollie, about an inch in length. (just thought that it just hadnt adjusted to the tank as the ph is low)

    Today i found that a harlequin rasbora has died too. With the 2 guppies that are behaving funny im starting to think that my tank might get wiped out.

    ok so i have tested my tank……………..sort of.

    i used a (tetratest liquid tester kit) which did 4 tests.

    Results were

    PH – 7.5
    KH – 2’d
    GH – 2’d
    NO-2 – 0.8mg/l

    Then with a Tetra Strip

    Results were

    PH – 6.4
    KH – 0’d
    GH – <3'd
    NO-2 – 1mg/l
    NO-3 – 10mg/l

    The tests are so different i dont know which 1 to trust

    Also Strip said tap water was 6.4 PH and Liquid tester said it was 7.0 – 7.5 PH



    Hmmm, the only parameters I’d worry about are the pH and the kH to be honest Ross. The differences in the others aren’t too much to be of concern. If your kH is that low your tank could be experiencing some nasty pH swings that are affecting the fish.

    Also, if the strips are correct, most livebearers don’t really appreciate acidic conditions. If the molly you added was a black molly, it wasn’t even strictly a freshwater fish! Mass-produced guppies are notorious for being genetically weak, so you might just have been unlucky. How long had the harlequin been in the tank?

    I’d try a different brand of liquid pH test and see if that reveals anything. I hate those strips. If a second liquid test gives you the same result as the one you’re using then we can start to help you eliminate some possibilities.



    As far as i know its just white gravel. But im not to sure. it was a black mollie that died. i think the harlequin had been in the tank 1 -2 weeks.i have 2 fake wood decorations but i have taken them out when i have done a big water change. upto 30 -40 %. Mostly because of the test results. im not sure if i can get a different brand liquid tester kit. All the local fish shops seem to have the same stock in equipment, its really annoying.

    i have quite a few plants in the tank to. and they are all doing really well. they are all growing realy quick.
    The temperature of the tank is around 26 -27’c as i have 2 female fighters in there at the min. also another harlequin seems to be missing too, havent seen it for a few days but its not in or around the tank and trust me i have looked.

    The gravel was in a proper bag which was with all the aquarium sands and gravel. So i assume it was normal gravel but im not sure. it wasnt sold in a plain bag.


    also i have 2 bubble stones that are 4 inches long each. i have read that if u airiate too much then u lower the co2 in the water and that can change the water chemistry…………………………. is this possible?

    thanks for all the help and support

    Ross and Ruth



    Hey guys, I doubt very much that the airstones would have affected anything; two doesn’t seem excessive. Did the fishes’ behaviour change after you added the gravel or were the guppies already acting strangely? Don’t worry about the help…I’d talk about this stuff all day quite happily



    We are not sure if there behaviour changed before or after the gravel went in.

    any ideas about raising the PH? can i add stones or wood that would alter the water slowly?



    Sorry but that information doesn’t really help to be honest guys. One thing I can say is that I’ve never heard of a gravel product lowering pH; usually the problem is that pH is raised. Can you obtain crushed coral from anywhere? Maybe a marine shop in your area? I found it excellent for maintaining a relatively high pH when I lived in an area with a low kH like yours…

    What about the dead spots?



    Im not sure what you mean by dead spots



    http://www.akvastabil.dk/Grus.448.aspx “Sirius” is the gravel you’ve presumably bought Ross.

    Shame I don’t speak Danish otherwise I might understand the speel at the top



    Cheers mate. I will get my girlfriend to translate it. Its almost the same as norweigen. I think its just talking about bag size tho. I live near a beach, would there be anything i could find there that once washed would raise the PH? Unfortunatly i dont live near a reef, Bit cold over here.



    It’s postable but not from the UK unless you want to pay major money.

    Are there no online aquatics retailers in Norway? We have aquatics-online.co.uk for example.



    Unfortunatly i havent mastered norweigen yet



    Heh if you get really stuck and Ruth suddenly decides she hates you, let me know – I have a few Norwegian mates I could ask.

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