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    @Ferrika said:
    I can not understand how it is possible to import these animals in significant quantities when they are already considered endangered on the red list. Should not there be at least import restrictions?
    When I check with us, almost everyone wholesalers has Puntius denisonii on the stocklist. Why is such a thing not prohibited?

    I believe that Puntius denisonii is produced commercially as well as being collected n the wild. I just can’t remember where I read this. It may have been a Matt Clarke article in PFK.


    That said I do know my local wholesaler only imports wild caught fish direct from India. :(

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    I saw some Puntius denesonii ‘gold’ exhibited by Maidenhead Aquatics at Aquatics Live this weekend. I don’t believe they were for sale, and IMHO are not as attractive as the real thing. It might be worth updating their profile in the KB as to their existence. Apparently they’re a line bred variant produced commercially in Indonesia. 

    in reply to: Thumbs up for big fish profiles #349302


    I’d have thought so Matt. I am still disappointed to see adverts popping up for them from time to time though.




    The INJAF project may well look into the trade of species like this and the way in which they are advertised with no warning what so ever. :)

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    Bacopa monnieri. Sometimes referred to ‘baby tears’. It’s an easy to keep, hardy plant.

    in reply to: Big Fish Campaign #349198


    poshsouthernbird said

    Sounds good :)  I agree that the trade in the campaign’s species are a big concern and anything that makes anyone think twice about them is great, people need to be able to relate these big fish to something they are more likely to understand, pics certainly help with that.

    Jeremy Gay did an article about ‘is there such a thing as a chav fish?’ a while ago, might be interesting reading? http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=4994  No massive conclusions drawn but some of the comments are interesting, the one from Rubberduck which says “The trend you find with a lot of these people is they think they’re at the top, when in fact they really have little or no idea what they’re doing or keeping. It just looks good to them.” is possibly quite close to the mark – get a big fish, it will make people agree with you that you’re an expert?  Although nothing could really explain to me why anyone would want hydrocynus …

    I’ve C&P’d some of the species we came up with when we putting stuff together about tank busters to go with our page about the campaign (I think pretty much all the links are to the KB here!):

    And the ‘stealth tankbusters’

    I’m sure there are plenty more, I’m not familiar enough with the tropical side of things to get much further than the ones I see cropping up on various forums all the time.  Some of the other big cichlids perhaps, jaguars etc.  And freshwater rays maybe, motoros for example 🙂


    You know I’m sure this post is flawed on many levels but when I think of irresponsible fish keeping and tank busters I don’t really think about ray keepers. Even though many species grow huge, the aquaria I’ve seen them in, at least in real lifge have always had a reasonable amount of floor space. With rays I think actual surface area is more important than tank length.

    It is slightly annoying that common and gibby plecs have not been included because arguably, they’re the most common species of tank buster sold. Many are doomed to spend their lives ‘cleaning up 3′ tanks’.

    in reply to: New Filters … Eheim? Or Other? #346284


    The question should not be..

    Why choose Eheim?


    Why choose anything other than an Eheim?

    in reply to: Aquatics Live #346239


    QUOTE (Matt @ Nov 22 2011, 08:34 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    To me the show seemed to be set up pretty much as PFK appears to be these days i.e. offering next to nothing for the more experienced hobbyist but strongly geared towards new fishkeepers and those into the aquascaping hobby. Not sure an auction or fish sale would necessarily alter that…

    It’s certainly changed over the years. No one would argue with that. I still believe the loss of the previous editor is responsible for the downward turn forum and magazine wise. And I certainly don’t believe everything I read in it these days! Did you read the article on live feeding? I had a forum discussion with Nathan Hill on the subject which was quite interesting, and quite lengthy. I’m still convinced the article is not entirely accurate.

    As for the show, I don’t think you’d have liked the big flashy tank manufacturers stands. These would not have looked out of place at the ideal home exhibition which was going on at the same time.

    I think it was FBAS that had tanks set up to demonstrate different breeding set ups, which looked quite good. Sadly they never looked very busy though. I think an auction would be an education to many. If one of the bigger clubs organised it, that could at least get a few real aquarists involved. I’m not really sure how you’d get more there. Other than selling fish etc. Maybe if Neil Hardy and Pier took some of their rarer stock for sale etc, that might pull a few more punters in?

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    I didn’t have to stay over. I just chose to do so as I was meeting up with and travelling with friends etc, plus my car has really crappy fuel economy, but it’s going at the end of this month, so it could be done for a lot less. And it’s all tax deductible according to my accountant, so it’s not as bad as the figures seem to suggest.

    My Ebay sales are comparable to two years ago, despite me replacing the JJC Aquatics shop with Biotope Aquatics and PNA, my sisters company are expanding too, so I don’t think the hobby is doing too badly when you consider no one needs an aquarium. Things could be far worse. Though we have been squeezed with supplier price increases, higher freight charges and as always, an increase in postal costs. How are you doing these days?

    When is the midlands doo? I might be able to make it if it’s early december.

    in reply to: Aquatics Live #346171


    Was it busy? I was there on saturday only. Sue was there both days so her opinion on sunday would be most welcome.

    I’d say it was brisk at times. The exhibition halls (upstairs and downstairs) are quite large and so there was plenty of room for people to move about. I went to the last two IHS reptile shows at Doncaster Dome this november and in september. There, you can hardly breathe. The place gets rammed, very hot and it’s difficult to get to some of the stalls for a good look around. Aquatics Live was not like that. The reptile fairs have lots of animals for sale. AL had none. I’m certain if people were selling fish, then things would be very different.

    I think for the ‘scratched tank, foam filter, breeder / keeper’ type it was lacking. I’d have liked to see many more rare and unusual fish on display. But this will only happen if the specialist societies jump on the bandwagon. I know the organisers tried to get more fish though. My kid sister is the sales manager for a large importer. The event organisers have tried several times to get her company to exhibit their fish. But as they are a wholesaler and it wasn’t a trade event like Aqua in Telford, they don’t really have much to gain by attending. I did think Neil Hardy may have been there though, his trade stalls are always great, but sadly he wasn’t.

    Maybe the organisers could benefit from an aquatics society auction, to get around the legalities of selling fish publically? Or even a bit of an open show? I know the latter can be controversial. but done correctly it would get more fish in Olympia and the public would see more fish. And who doesn’t enjoy the odd fish auction club style?

    Sorry, waffling a bit there…. lol

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    QUOTE (ste12000 @ Nov 18 2011, 10:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    The British cichlid association(Im part of the committee) are attending with a stand and flyers ect.. Make sure you pop over to support them.

    Unfortunately it was too expensive a trip for me so ill continue being a tight northerner moaning about the cost of fuel and accomodation in central London

    in reply to: Looks Like That Me Finished #346156


    Hi Mark

    Sorry to hear your bad news. I too hope things work out for you.

    in reply to: Javan Rhinos Extinct In Vietnam #346035


    Unfortunately the news does not get any better…


    Taken from the news artical…

    “You’ve got to imagine an animal walking around with a gold horn; that’s what you’re looking at, that’s the value and that’s why you need incredibly high security.”

    I actualy believe that I’d condone the shooting to death of poachers caught in the act. And thats not something I take lightly. If thats what is needed to preserve other species then I’m all for it.

    in reply to: Some Amazing New Fish .. #345819


    QUOTE (torso @ Sep 25 2011, 07:19 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I would say: not legaly exported?

    It’s my understanding that they can be exported for the purposes of ‘scientific research’ and that the illegaly traded examples have left Brazil via this ‘loophole’.

    There are some cracking fish there Sojapat. Do you sell many Corydoras mega metae? I’m curious because of their price tag.

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    QUOTE (Lian @ Oct 25 2011, 12:34 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Two Osphronemus gouramy? in my small tank…and I always clean the tank after 1-2 days with raining water/forest water .I will put less salt into the water to prevent the bacteria growing.

    But that two fish and small tank was buy from a fish shop and my father give me & I feel wonder why only buy this poor tank? My father answer: ”I also feel wonder and the shop owner does not give any tips or advice to me ..he just smile at me and take the money.”

    I think that fish shop only wanna cash! I will keep an eye on this topic..


    Take the fish back to the store. Buy a much bigger tank and a filter. And keep smaller fish.

    Your gouramy will die in that tank very soon. If they have not already.

    Good luck

    in reply to: Carinotetraodon borneensis #345806


    QUOTE (Jarcave @ Oct 25 2011, 01:12 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I’ve just picked up two pairs of these today. Has anyone kept them before?

    I’ve just had a quick look to see if they’ve been bred in captivity but so far can’t find any info. They’re going into quarantine this afternoon, and then a South Sarawak species biotope I think.

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