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    @Byron Hosking said:
    If you are fairly certain that some type of bacterial fin rot is present, I would recommend KanaPlex.  This is a Seachem product, and is in my experience highly effective with bacterial issues like fin degeneration.  I believe they recommend three doses, two days apart.  I have found this antibiotic (kanamycin) does not seem to bother fish, and I have lots of corys and some fairly sensitive wild caught species.  This antibiotic is readily absorbed by fish, so it is in the bloodstream where it can be most effective.  Data:
    Corydoras sterbai is ideal in warm tanks.  This species is often seen with wild-caught angelfish (that need the higher temps) and discus.
    One pencilfish species comes to mind, Nannostomus beckfordi.  It should be fine with the GH and pH, and might manage with the warmth.  It is rather an active, sometimes boisterous fish, and remains in the upper half/third so a nice addition.  A group of at least 8-9; males are forever challenging each other, with some neat interactions.  I’ve had this species several times over the years, and found they are only a problem with quiet surface fish, like hatchets, which they like to nip at, probably because they are in “their” space.
    Hemigrammus ocellifer would be ideal, for all your parameters.  I prefer the closely-related H. pulcher but this is a bit fussier with pH, and seems hard to find.  The Glowlight Tetra, Hemigrammus erythrozonus, might work for you; more tolerant of parameters than the neons.  Hyphessobrycon flammeus, the Flame Tetra, should work, quite well actually.
    You can search all of these here on SF in the knowledge base.  B.

    Thank you so much for your recommendations. I will definitely look into them.

    Will the medicine harm inverts? My shrimp, oddly, of all my creatures seem to do best. Time and time again I think they’re gone only for a couple to show up. Have had them for months now.

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    Yeah, I’m looking at rehousing the bolivians, neons, and lazers as is.

    GBRs I feel are suited and show as much in my tank. X-rays look solid and are a lovely fish. My albinos are doing fairly well, they had fin-rot too but kicked it. Where as the lazers are having far greater difficulty and are so shy, they might as well not exist. 

    Could you give me some ideas on what would be far better in my tank? I was looking at sterbai corydoras to replace the lazers firstly.

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    @Byron Hosking said:
    That is a very wide range for the GH, from 8 to 194 ppm.  I wonder if they have different sources for the water?  Whatever, the high end is still not too bad.  I wouldn’t recommend sensitive fish, like wild caught needing very soft and acidic water.  But there are a number of species that should be fine with this.
    I do not offer advice when it comes to disease/issues as this is a very complicated subject and guessing will often make things much worse.  I will leave that for others.

    Okay, so here is my current stock to fully clarify things.

    6 Lazer Corydoras

    3 Albino Corydoras(lost one sometime ago, the assumption is it was a weaker strain as it looked a bit off)

    9 Neon Tetras

    10 Golden X-Ray Pristellas

    2 Pearl Gouramis(m/f)

    2 German Blue Rams(m/f?)

    2 Bolivian Rams(m/f?)

    1 Bristlenose Pleco

    6 Marble Hatchets

    Several shrimp and many, many Assassin Snails.

    From what I know, these are all tank raised. So you think my water parameters are fine in terms of GH/pH but what about the temperature? You mentioned that 80 was a bit high for many SA fish; though confirmed the Rams should be solid in such conditions.

    I may just keep my stock as it is then with some more minor changes.

    Which was getting rid of my lazers(sadly) as they just don’t seem to be doing well and losing 1 is 30 bucks a pop to fill them back up. Considering just going a larger group of albinos UNLESS you feel they won’t do well at my temps. If not, some alternative ideas would be great and I can rehouse all the poor little guys.

    Neons were the other I was thinking of replacing. I’m just not big on them and would like a more striking schooling fish next to my pristellas.

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    Bicarbonate ppm 106 – 125

    Calcium ppm 89 – 175

    Chloride ppm 12 – 28

    Magnesium ppm 3 – 10

    Conductivity umhos/m 366 – 423

    pH units 8.1 – 8.4

    Sodium ppm 14 – 22

    Sulfate ppm 22 – 29

    Total Alkalinity CaCO3 ppm 106 – 125

    Total Dissolved Solids ppm 224 – 250

    Total Hardness CaCO3 ppm 8 – 194

    Total Hardness is Grains grains/gallon .5 – 11

    That’s all I could glean from a 2011 report on our water; the 2014 doesn’t remark on alkalinity for some reason.

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    I know I tend to like many fish versus few; though I am okay with species only. I just don’t like livebearers. Absolutely hate them, they’re the nastiest, meanest fish I’ve ever owned and they breed out of control to boot.

    I’d also like peoples’ thoughts on my pH/temps for South American fish. I’ve heard many do just fine with them, no problems. While others will say that while the range is wider for many fish due to captive breeding, it’s still a bit extreme for these acidic-to-neutral species.

    Regardless, I’ll be rehousing my Bolivian Rams(they’re old and were taken out of pity but not doing well), my 9 Neons(I just don’t really like them especially with my “black water”-like condition as I use IALs), and my 6 Lazer Corydoras(they’re constantly shy, unpleasant, have the greatest issue with fin-rot while the albinos are doing much better).

    Right now the only fish suited to my tank statistically is my Pearl Gouramis. One male, one female… the male is gorgeous and blossoming well.

    Outside of that I have a couple of juvenile GBRs who are also doing great oddly enough. If there was any fish I expected to see struggling shortly after introduction to my tank, it’d be they. …That said, luck with some does not mean luck with all and I might be better off wiping the slate clean.

    First though, I’m here for ideas and some considerations. Maybe further insight.

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