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    Thanks, Matt,

    Sure grab the email or just copy from here: [email protected]+a+n+i+x.c+o+m (without +’s).

    I’m not ready for such experiments…not until I can raise a nerite snail and all the experiments so far were failures….but hmm…maybe I should try Caridina?

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    Trade names are of course absolutely unreliable, but there is some consistency with HK fish… More often then not:

    HK Pleco —> Vannies
    HK Oto —> Chenis
    HK Stingray Pleco —> Cheni
    HK Butterfly Pleco —> Beaufortia

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    Thank you Matt,

    It is Taiwan, in all cases. Here is the list

    Rhinogobius delicatus
    Rhinogobius gigas
    Rhinogobius giurinus
    Rhinogobius henchuenensis
    Rhinogobius maculafasciatus
    Rhinogobius formosanus
    Rhinogobius nantaiensis
    Rhinogobius rubromaculatus
    Stenogobius genivittatus

    R.giurinus I am familiar with…., the difference between Rhino and Steno seems to be imprecise, so I listed one Steno they have. They also have various Stiphodons, Sicyopus, etc but I guess these are all non-breedable.

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    Neutral, and soft. The East Coast of the US is very soft, 40-90, further inland it gets a bit harder. I keep mine at 150, this is comfortable for most fish and I’m lazy to tune up water in every tank unless I have to.

    They live for 2-3 years, and this is temperature-dependent. No heater, and if you want to breed them, winterize. Perhaps you can keep them outdoors… if your winter temp drops to 8-10C, they will like it.

    and if you get them, ask on the NANFA forum, I have little experience comparing to people there.

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    QUOTE (Stefan @ Apr 26 2011, 10:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Good find but I’d refrain; they’re labeled as “cannot be sexed” while it should be relative easy to sex them, so you might end up with 8 males or females? The chances of that are slim but the uncertainty seems to be there?

    probably, juveniles…. which is what you want, they are not very long-living. But the price ?!
    (also, they are soft-water species, not sure how good is pH of 7.8 stated in the ad.)

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    QUOTE (torso @ Apr 25 2011, 06:42 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    most fish of asia yes, Jim. but China will become more important within the next 10 years. and Taiwan want’s to beat Singapor from 2013 on.

    This is a long shot… but perhaps Charles you know of a Taiwan exporter who can supply mainland China fish?

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    To the US too, but somehow these pseudogastros were not available to US (Frank was checking on them).


    I’m surprised about gastro dimorphism/dominating females…. I think gastros are close relatives of Sewellia where it is the opposite? (I keep some gastros but never got to trying to sex them, and they are dominated by Chenis in the tank too much to have their own hierarchy).

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    With this definition, hatching took 3 days, they were shedding the shell at different times…but this had nothing to do with the development. (Reason I’ve been asking to make sure that if this leads to a write up I use the term correctly…maybe I should just avoid it, safer this way .)

    Hmm….microworms….let me try to get them to, thanks.
    I’ve been thinking of sinking some powdered food (Sera Micron), algae on a plant, and killing some artemia for them (I’ll give them some live ones, but doubt they can catch them.). The older fry in the tank ignores algae wafers that the adults eat but is interested in small flakes.

    At the current rate, the yolk sac should be used up by Thu +- a day.

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    pseudogastromyzon cf cheni was indeed the name. I don’t know much about these shipments, my fish had to be imported from Germany, since Singapore never had them available *for us*. I wish I could get hold of more……

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    Thanks, Matt,

    I definitely collected eggs. The way they develop it is very hard to notice hatching: they first release the tails, then the shape of the yolk sac changes, and the egg shell gets shed sometime along the way.

    I realized that I don’t know what the term “hatching” means anymore… if you define it as shedding the shell, then some of the fry hatched 2-3 days ago, and only yesterday night, but they are equally developed and mobile…. does not make sense. If you define “hatching” as piercing of the egg shell, well they all did it three days ago when they grew the tails, but they had no mobility at the beginning.

    Food: I was asking for good ideas. In theory, they should eat everything, they are fairly large and omnivore scavengers….

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    The fry is nearly certainly a pseudogastromyzon: the fins already overlap.

    Unfortunately, they tend to stay in the back of the tank… I can see that the pattern changed already, but cannot get a decent photo.

    Let me add that both Pseudogastromyzon species came from the same shipment from Glaser…so they probably were collected together.

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    thanks Jim,
    details on the other thread, but this is where we stand now:

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    No ref, I’d love to have it too.

    A few years ago when I kept some (it was my first hillstream), I tried to figure out what is going on… The fish came from HK, as “HK pleco” with not-at-all-scientific name H.hoffmani; not always the same fish either. JP from LOL did not believe this being Lh.disparis based on the head shape, but head shape seemed to be variable, and so was the pattern.

    One of the variants of this HK fish is shown here: look at the first photo. This is no V.hainanensis obviously; the pattern is different (and matches HK vannies) plus this photo predates exports from Hainan (which was a closed military zone till recently).

    So I started digging up everything I could find on mainland China vannies… many described species but little info to go by … and this being done around 2006 I will have hard time re-finding what I found then.

    My feeling is that there are several species of Vanmanenia from that area, possibly not all described, and quite possibly Lh.disparis is in reality one of the Vannie species. Cannot do any better then this, sorry, this is the usual hillstream mess, and asaik nobody even looks at Vannies today, unlike, say, Sewellia.

    BTW, HK area also has what seems to be a mainland analogue of Crossostoma… I had one for a couple of years, really nice hyperactive fish….

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    The males are attractive at all times, but of course breeding colors are the best. Most of the photos are of breeding males that you don’t see all that often.

    My understanding is that all darter species (30+) are from the Eastern half of the US.

    In addition to Aquabid, there are a few people who catch and sell them… you can find them by looking around NANFA.

    The laws are different from state to state, and most are crazy. For example, in NY, it is legal to keep any species that does not natively occur in NY, but it is generally not legal to keep local species. However, this is superseded by another rule that it is generally legal to keep local fish for the purpose of eating it… so it seems that if you keep a local fish with the intend of eating it after it dies, it is probably legal. I have no idea if it is legal to keep a fish with the intend of feeding it to a cat after the fish passes away, but this seems plausible…

    (No, I’m not making this up…..)

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    also… the red version from the first photo is something I’ve always wondered about…. I’m not sure it is the same species. I’ve seen them twice, unfortunately the entire shipment went Kaput both times, but the feeling I had was that it was not identical.

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